Youth Makerspace Larnaka
Dropped by EASE
March 13, 2022
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Youth Makerspace Larnaka is an innovative space that follows the successful example of similar spaces operating in the world. It is based on the standards of Makerspaces developed by universities or communities abroad and provides young people with access to high-end and state-of-the-art equipment to develop prototypes and implement their business ideas. Makerspaces represent the democratization of design, mechanization, construction and training. Here young people can learn about technology, crafts and other creative construction processes and methods, share their knowledge and skills and put these knowledge and skills into practice. The creative spectrum covered is huge!

Youth Makerspace Larnaka offers physical space and technological equipment to young people so they can meet, explore, create, invent, share and ultimately learn. The facility has high-tech equipment as well as non-technological tools, available free of charge. Peer learning is at the core of a makerspace mentality, so the creative space is a creative hub where young people develop their technological, social and business skills. It prepares children and young people in critical skills of the 21st century in the fields of science, technology and engineering in combination with art, design and critical thinking, while at the same time boosting their self-confidence!

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