EASE- European Association of STEAM Educators is a non-profit organization whose activity has the ultimate objective of helping and enhancing the work of all educators and teachers in terms of promoting STEAM skills with children, young people and adults in formal and non-formal education.

The Executive Board

Ana Louro [Portugal]

Ana Louro [Portugal]

Area: Training/Certification of educators

For 6 years Ana worked as an expert for the Portuguese Ministry of Education, supervising the implementation of a new curriculum in schools around the country. She was responsible for spreading good practices and sharing innovative resources based in new teaching approaches like PBL and new technologies, focusing on using effective teaching strategies to develop students’ 21th century skills. Embedded in this work, by visiting several schools and observing many teachers in their classrooms, Ana was also responsible for collecting data on how teachers teach, generating comparisons of indicators across regions and determining relationships between those. At the end it was possible to create a professional learning community for teachers and schools, based on a digital platform.

Currently, she is also responsible for reviewing and creating online activities for the MathCityMap project, wich uses a mobile app to create insite activities for students from all ages. As a Scientix Ambassador, Ana have worked in several European projects, for European Schoolnet Academy, School Education Gateway and eTwinning Learning Lab .

The latest ones were:

Performing some tasks:

  • Moderate and support the participants forum and community;
  • Animate and support before and during the event (Animate group discussions in forums and answer participants question; Support organisation of final live webinar; Support with final task and assessment);
  • Create and moderate one module on use of games in schools: “How can the commercial and educational games be used in an interactive classroom, and through project-based learning”.
  • Space Awareness MOOC: Navigation through the ages: Tools and terms. Supporting organisation, creation of one module on the subject “What is time?”. Design of lesson plans.
  • What is time?
  • Bullying – NOT in my class! Creating safe learning environments for students

Moderator of the MOOC “Bullying – NOT in my class. Creating safe learning environments for students.” Responsible for identifying and implementing activities that will engage participants in the course community, like resource hunts, sharing resources, highlighting notable use contributions, etc. Responsible for curating users contributions and for disseminate the course content.

The Three Rs and Animal Use in Science

Pilot teacher for the 3R´s project. Co-create one learning scenario to teach about the 3Rs initiative. Test and evaluate learning scenarios in the classroom. Help the production of the content for the MOOC and animate (text, videos, etc.). Disseminate the project through webinars, social media, newsletters and events. After the development of the learning activities, teachers will test them in their classroom and conduct an evaluation to investigate the impact of these learning activities on students. The learning activities will also culminate in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), hosted on European Schoolnet Academy’s online course platform. The activities and the MOOC will be build up with the help of the pilot teachers.

Ste(a)m It

Pilot teacher for the Ste(a)m It project. Co-create one learning scenario to teach about the steam. Test and evaluate learning scenarios in the classroom. Help the production of the content for the MOOC and animate (text, videos, etc.). Disseminate the project through webinars, social media, newsletters and events. After the development of the learning activities, teachers will test them in their classroom and conduct an evaluation to investigate the impact of these learning activities on students. The learning activities will also culminate in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), hosted on European Schoolnet Academy’s online course platform. The activities and the MOOC will be build up with the help of the pilot teachers.

Since 2020 Ana is also collaborating with Teachersrise, an independent teacher training provider based in Italy, with the course “Coding, Computational Thinking and Robotics in the classroom” . For this course, Ana is responsable for creating activities using technologies linked to robotics.

In Portugal she works with Areal Editores together with Makeblock, to create learning scenarios using robots like mTiny for primary students.




Iro Koliakou [Greece]

Iro Koliakou [Greece]

Area: Resources / Lesson Plans / Learning Scenarios

Dr. Iro Koliakou is the in school activities STEM Coordinator of Anatolia College Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center. She currently coordinates two KA2- Strategic Partnerships Erasmus + projects in Anatolia College related to STEAM education. She teaches Physics and Biology in Anatolia College Thessaloniki, Greece and also teaches in the Masters Program Regenerative Medicine of the Medical School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She is a member of the instructional staff of the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Greece and has developed the online course Biomedical Engineering and the future of Medicine. She is an ambassador for Scientix, the community for science education in Europe and a member of Science on Stage Deutschland, developing STEM activities related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore she is a mentor for the Greek women in STEM association and a mentor for the Global talent mentoring program , led by the World giftedness Center.

She holds a Physics degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, a Master of Science from the Biomedical Engineering Department of Imperial College London and a PhD from the Biology Department of Aristotle University Thessaloniki. From 2009 she has worked in the private biotechnology sector in laboratory quality management and research and development responsible for implementation and internal audits of European R&D projects. She has published 15 scientific papers in international journals and has 190 references in international literature. She has received teacher training from ESA Robotics and Automation Lab (2018), European Molecular Biology Learning Lab ( 2017 & 2020 ), CERN (2019) and European Schoolnet Future Learning Classroom ( 2019).

Anatolia College Center for STEM Education was established in 2012. Since then its innovative approach includes a great number of activities, projects, science fairs, outreach programs and summer programs. Most Anatolia College STEAM activities have been documented as papers in International Conferences held both in Greece and abroad. In 2016 the Anatolia College STEM Innovation Isle was created. It includes the Fabrication Lab, aiming to promote innovation and inventiveness by applying the principles of STEAM and Robotics and, the Center for Green Education that aspires to cultivate the environmental awareness of tomorrow’s citizens. In 2019 Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center, a new, stand-alone building on the campus of Anatolia College dedicated to STEAM became a reality https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=AYQd96iqWp1. Anna Papageorgiou STEM  Center coordinates all STEAM related activities from prekindergarten to High school and is responsible for the implementation of two  Erasmus+ projects. Green  Education for a Sustainable Future KA2 2019-1-PL01- KA201-065695 and Mini Open Labs 020-1-ES01-KA201-082706


Lidia Ristea [Romania]

Area: STEM Pedagogy promotion

Madhumalti [Luxembourg]

Madhumalti [Luxembourg]

Area: Support for STEAM educators

Madhumalti Sharma, with more than 24 years of experience in the technology industry has been an advocate of Diversity and is recognized as an extraordinary ex-pat in Luxembourg. She has been a speaker at several events including TEDx India, European Women in Technology, Campus Party Italia. She is passionate about bringing girls and women into technology. To take concrete steps in that direction, she mentors girls at Workshop4Me a.s.b.l, a non-profit organization she founded to teach coding skills to 5-16-year-olds. The objective of Workshop4Me is to move children from being “consumers” to “creators” using technology. Their International Women’s Day event in 2015 was featured by CNN International as the top 10 IWD events from around the world you would be crazy to miss.

Madhumalti is EU Code Week Ambassador for Luxembourg, a mentor with the STEM Scholars program with the New York Academy of Sciences and mentors girls for the worldwide mobile app development contest Technovation Challenge since 2017. She is also an EU Robotics National Coordinator since 2019. She is also Vice-President of Luxembourg-India Business Council, Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry WICCI.

While working in IBM India for 11 years, she has been chairing initiatives like Women and Technology (K-12), Core Team member of EXITE (Exploring Interest in Technology and Engineering) for school girls, facilitated Taking the Stage program for Women professionals in IBM and led other such initiatives. In Luxembourg, she has been on the panel of Mumpreneurs (mothers who are entrepreneurs) and on the Board of the Project Management Institute, Luxembourg Chapter.

Workshop4Me activities include coding for children age 5 years onwards, Teacher training for introducing coding in the classroom, designing and bringing to market innovative products eg. Carnival Coding Calendar, speaking at technology conferences, mentoring students on STEM, participating in technology competitions eg. First Global Robotics, Luxembourg Youth Robotics Competition, Jonk Fuerscher National Scientist competition, Technovation Challenge App development contest.

Marco Nicolini [Italy]

Area: European Projects

Maria-Cristina Ciocci [Belgium]

Maria-Cristina Ciocci [Belgium]

Area: STEAM Contents/ Good Practices Exchange

Dr. Maria-Cristina Ciocci is Italian by birth, but has been living in Belgium since 1997. She obtained her PhD in Mathematics at Ghent University in 2003 and worked in academia in Belgium and abroad as research fellow and guest professor, for over 15 years.  She is very enthusiastic, has four children and has a fiery passion for technology. She has been a speaker at several events including the annual conference of the advisory group of Engineers Europe.

In 2010 she founded Ingegno, Ingegno.be, and has been advocating the importance of tinkering and making for the development of critical and creative thinking ever since. Since 2016 she has been the project manager of the non-profit organisation De Creatieve STEM of which she is also the co-founder.

She is passionate about bringing girls and women into technology, stands not only for gender equality in science and STEM but also for diversity. She is furthermore the co-founder of Bulb vzw, a creative community with the motto Shaping Creative Minds. She is leading the STEM-partnership MaakBib in Flanders, training librarians and youth workers in the different facets of maker spaces. Under the flag of FabZero: Inclusive KET’s she coordinates an intensive training program for makers inspired by the international FabAcademy. In this frame she set up an interregional network of maker spaces and fablabs covering all flemish regions and Brussels and reaching out to underrepresented groups by collaboration with specific ngo’s.

Ingegno Maker Space in Ghent is the second of only two labs in Flanders recognised by MIT and FabFoundation as an official node for FabAcademy.

The common thread throughout the STE(A)M activities and workshops that she develops and supervises is design thinking. Tinkering and customized prototyping stimulate “self-regulatory learning”. Cristina was and is the driving force behind the development of the open source platform blokkencode.ingegno.be. She has extensive experience working with and for disadvantaged groups with a focus on gender as well as working with or supporting specific workings for gifted children. Currently she is coordinating the Erasmus + project Girls in STEM. She’s working on a variety of projects, the list too long to mention.  She is one of the 8 makers of Team Scheire a 2-seasons series where inventors create ingenious new solutions to everyday problems and build life-changing solutions for people in desperate need. Last but not least, the “Makers United” initiative for Meet and Code 2020 is nominated as one of the 3 finalists for the European prize in the category Community.

Our activities include – making and prototyping  for children age 5 years onwards, Train the trainers for introducing digital fabrication, electronics, smart materials and coding in the classroom or after school programs, designing and bringing to market innovative products such as the Led Up wearable (in development), mentoring students on STEM (“The Diorama Project”  started as a student project, was nominated for the International LUMA StarT Award 2017 in Finland), advising third parties such as musea and youth organisation on STEAM.



Nelson Gomes [Portugal]

Nelson Gomes [Portugal]

Area: Office Coordination and Sponsorships/ Materials and Equipment

Since 1997, Nelson Gomes has been an educator and later coordinator of the operation and educational project of the Youth Occupation Center, where he assumes the promotion of leisure activities for the school population of Artur Gonçalves Secondary School: Computer Science, Summer Camps, Youth Journal, Environmental Education, Language Gyms, Citizenship Education, Photography, Technology, Programming, Robotics, 3D Printing, 3D Modelling, Laser, Painting, Tapestry, PixelArt, Woodworking, etc.
He is manager of projects for the occupation of free time for young people, by the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth.
Was a local instructor of projects financed by the European Community under programs such as PRODER – Rural Development Program, MASES – Support and Safety Measures Program for Social Equipments, Solar Thermal Program, among others.
He has been an adult educator in Technology and Information and Communication Technologies, working yearly with 50-60 people with more than 60 years, promoting their digital inclusion. He has been trainer and certification manager in the Diploma of Basic Skills in Information and Communication Technologies program (Social Security, 300 citizens).
He is a member of the Executive Board of the Social Network of the Local Social Action Council of Torres Novas (participates in the definition of the Social Diagnosis, the Social Development Plan and the Biannual Action Plans for the municipality of Torres Novas, in the articulation between the various local actors of the Health, Education and Third Sector, in the participation on processes for solving local problems in the different sectors, in the validation and prioritization of applications for financing instruments for projects in the social area, and in the operationalization of the objectives of the Social Network of the municipality of Torres Novas);

He has participated in some Science Fairs promoted by the local municipality.

He is a the human resources training and development manager and General Data Protection Officer at Centro de Bem Estar Social da Zona Alta.

At oficinatecnologica.pt, he is the manager of the organization, promoting digital competences, computer science, programming, automation and multimedia workshops, defining the organization’s business plan;
He coordinates and performs training activities in programming (Python), robotics, multimedia, productivity software;
Produces software, multimedia products, automation robots, electronic devices, etc .;
Produces Bots for digital marketing and social networks;
Promotes a maintenance and assembly service of fixed and portable computers, tablets, mobile phones, other electronic devices with educational purposes;
Makes 3D Printing, 3D Modeling, Webdesign and creation of multimedia elements for organizations;
Ensured the coordination of the project to introduce Robotics activities in the primary school in Torres Novas municipality last year.
He was a member of the StartUp Torres Novas Mentors Council, with the function of evaluating incubation projects at StartUp.

He was a teacher of polytechnic higher education for 8 years at the Superior School of Education and Social Sciences of Leiria, in the Social Education graduation, at the curricular units of:

  • Citizenship Education;
  • Ethics and Deontology;
  • History of Social Education;
  • Social Psychology of Organizations;
  • Organization and Management of Social Education Organizations;
  • Social Education Observatory;
  • Internship (Supervision and monitoring of 3rd year interns in the Social Education degree course).

He was a member of the Scientific Committee of the Social Education graduation and a member of the Examination Secretariat.

He was also a representative in Portugal of the ILEX- International Learning Exchange (Skowhegan, Maine, USA) program for “Introduce European Social Education to American social service agencies by bringing representatives of the profession to the USA to share their practice with Americans in a direct care work setting (…) provide European professionals the opportunity for learning advanced American practices in social services delivery systems; foster international exchange and cross-cultural sharing in promoting Social Education as a preferred model for direct care practice. “

For two years he was a teacher of primary school teachers in the field of Educational Use of Information and Communication Technology (Superior School of Education of Santarém), within the scope of the Internet program at the School of the Ministry of Science and Technology, in the municipalities of Torres Novas and Alcanena.
He was also coordinator of Espaço Milénio, a public space for youth access to the Internet, between 2001 and 2005.

He was President and founding member of the National Council of Social Educators, a socio-professional association supporting portuguese social educators, where he led five national forums and an international forum of social educators. He was president of the Installing Committee of the Portuguese Association of Social Educators, a socio-professional body that replaced the National Council of Social Educators in its goals.

He was Chairman of the Board and is Chairman of the General Assembly of Associação de Jovens Aventureiros, a local youth association. He is a representative of the Associação de Jovens Aventureiros in the Municipal Youth Council.

Above all, he believes in lifelong learning, in the potential of every human being and that STEAM skills are fundamental for the future of our society. He is also a defender of environmental sustainability, social inclusion and individual and social development through education.



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