EASE- EuropeAn network of STEAM Educators is a non-profit organization whose activity has the ultimate objective of helping and enhancing the work of all educators and teachers in terms of promoting STEAM skills with children, young people and adults in formal and non-formal education.

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EASE Summit edition:SpeakerContact (sharing authorized by Speaker)OrganizationCountryPresentationSmall abstract
1st EASE SummitStefania AltieriIstituto Comprensivo Valle del Conca (Rimini)ItaliaCoding- recent history in Italy"It was January 13th 2016 when Prof. Alessandro Bogliolo (University of Urbino) launched the first video lesson of the MOOC: Coding in your classroom, now! Hundreds of teachers followed him, interested in introducing coding and computational thinking in their classrooms."
1st EASE SummitRóbert SzekulaElementary school JakubovProgramming for math losers/ Own LEGO tournament"Many teachers mistakenly think that students who are weak in mathematics cannot program. With the help of teamwork and mutual learning of students, even such students will achieve success and progress. And LEGO is great for that, because it's too expensive, so students have to work in teams."
1st EASE SummitPieter van LeemputtenUCLL University of Applied SciencesMoving Minds with STEAM"Presenting the STE(A)M-Academy of the UCLL University of Applied Sciences in Belgium. We develop STEAM content for children between 4 and 14 years old. We prepare the youth of today for the challenges of tomorrow in collaboration with teachers, students and volunteers."
1st EASE SummitMichael ScheuerlVolt, Paper, Scissors!Volt, Paper, Scissors!"I will show how to use paper circuits to teach kids about electronics and robotics. I will give an honest view on the strength and weaknesses of paper circuits for STEAM education and show many inspiring examples. I will end with an overview on how to create paper circuit templates."
1st EASE SummitMariana Mihaela LazarȘcoala Gimnazială Nr. 2 Diaconu Coresi BrașovZoom Zoom We are Going to The Moon with PAXI"The Story of the little explorers from Brasov, Romania started with the Anthem of Paxi.
Paxi, I love you, Take me with you right now, Up in the sky Through the Galaxy Even on you planet In this way The Earth and World. We could save for ever."
1st EASE SummitLisa SchrammFabLab Bremen e.V.FabLabs as a key actor in extracurricular education"At FabLab Bremen we host a diverse range of workshop formats for pupils.
In a research project with different universities we explore the potential of non-formal educational spaces.
We are constantly developing possible contents for school classes and offer OpenLab Days especially designed for kids and teens."
1st EASE SummitKavita SanghviSVKM's CNM SchoolGamification in STEM"Gamification in education is incorporating game design elements like point scoring, peer competition, teamwork, score tables in classroom environments to increase students' engagement and motivation.
The presenter will display how gamification has been implemented in school for teaching STEM subjects from Grades III to X. She will demonstrate board games, online games, stories which bring out elements of gaming."
1st EASE SummitGjorgjina Dimova/ Velika MarkovaPrimary school "Strasho Pindjur", NegotinoClean house = good health or NOT?"Ask yourselves. What kind of cleaning products we use at home to clean the house? But what does clean mean? Do products we use to clean hurt the environment or not? Do they hurt our health?
This learning scenario is integrated STEAM teaching. We integrated several subjects- chemistry, math, informatics and art. The product is environmentally friendly cleaning product."
1st EASE SummitGiada TotaroSTEAM AtelierArt and digital creativity in the STEAM Education for the construction of the complex imaginary of the digital native generations."Art and digital creativity for the construction of a complex imaginary. How to revolution Art Education, by spreading New Media Art History with STEAM methodologies and techniques, in order to save the critical ability to live in the world of future generations, as in a global ecosystemic performance."
1st EASE SummitGaja ZornadaComputer History MuseumThe importance of multifaceted skills building"This talk will use examples from community education work at the Computer History Museum in Ljubljana, Slovenia to demonstrate how to use creative practices to engage and drive interest for science, technology and engineering even when the audience you are reaching out to defines itself as “not good in math”."
1st EASE SummitDemilito CamilleLogopsycomUsing chatbots in STEM education"This short talk will focus on the potential of chatbots to improve and reinforce inclusive education. We will present some of their key features, main benefits and potential in education. We will also introduce a practical example of a chatbot used for stem education."
1st EASE SummitChiara SchettiniPolo Formativo Steam I.C. Marotta (Naples, Italy)- Steam Teachers' Training Center Of The Italian Ministry Of EducationBinoculars for science and imagination"The activity was carried out by 3 primary school teachers during a STEAM course that I led. After reflecting on the tools to observe closely and from afar, the children made cardboard “binoculars” for observing and drawing leaves of plants. Afterwards they use binoculars for a fantastic journey, represented graphically."
1st EASE SummitAnastasia Zoi Souliotou/ Charikleia KanariUniversity of ThessalySTEAM, museums and children with disabilities"The talk will present theoretical frameworks for applying STEAM in Special Education as for example Universal Design for Learning Differentiated Instruction. General tips will be given as well as specific examples and case studies of workshops and activities in formal and non formal learning environments, schools and museums."
1st EASE SummitCateluța EnciuȘcoala Gimnazială Nr. 33 GalațiLife' sTEAM33"In our STEAM projects or activities we promote and act for interconnections with real life processes, interdisciplinary approaches. Life processes can only be understood through experimental and practical projects."
1st EASE SummitCarmen DiezScientixSTEAM Project. Global Science Opera Spain Experience"Global Science Opera the challenge to build STEM knowledge with Opera scenes.
Eight anual editions arround world. Each scene of GSO complete the acquisition of 4C skills, discovering a STEM content, and developing Artistic elements, with Interdisciplinarity, Inquiry Methodology and Open School work. Spain completes successfull challenge.
1st EASE SummitDe Schryver ManonLogopsycomThe use of experiential learning and manipulations to understand STEAM concepts"This short talk will focus on how to anchor abstract STEAM theory and concepts into historical experiments and manipulations. We will explain why using History and manipulations has a positive effect on STEAM education, how it can help teachers be more inclusive and will conclude with a practical example."
1st EASE SummitAnna Rita BisogniEmail

Convitto Nazionale Gaetano Filangieri Vibo Valentia Italy Primary SchoolThe use of experiential learning and manipulations to understand STEAM concepts"We start from a problem: How can I increase my children's desire to learn?
Well I use the engineering process Think Make Play Improve
Think: use gamification to turn a verification into a game with ozobot and create a visual-spatial map for an unusual storitelling..."
1st EASE SummitAlejandra ForeroDigijeunesGoing digital staying human"The talk would be about the importance of STEM education in the context of digitalization. What is happening? What's our role as youth workers? How to face the challenges of the new era?"
1st EASE SummitAlice SeveriISIS FollonicaBiodiverse tales"The aim of this project is to be aware of biodiversity around us: students consider the Tuscany and its aquatic vertebrates and invertebrates in a STEAM interdisciplinary approach; then they project a monitoring plane of biodiversity (and other chemilal and physical analysis) about a river near the school.
This project is disseminate inside the school, through a website (https://sites.google.com/isufol.it/pnsdacqua/home) and a show with other school in Tuscany."
1st EASE SummitKarolina BrlekovićElectrotehnical and traffical school OsijekWhat does M in STEM stand for?"What place does mathematics have in STEM? The popularity of STEM has been increasing in recent years. Various workshops, presentations, exhibitions are being held in Croatia, but none of the announcements mention mathematics.
Throughout my presentation, I will express my opinion and show STEM project research examples where mathematics is written with a capital letter."
1st EASE SummitJo Trowsdale/ Richard DaviesUniversity of Suffolk / University of Central LancashireTAMEing STEAM for Schools"The ‘TAME’ offers a distinctive approach to curriculum design which enhances pupils’ learning in the sciences and arts, as well as global confidence in their ability as learners. It was developed from a five-year research project on an innovative educational arts-engineering project. The TAME is now being used by teachers."
1st EASE SummitGiuseppina AddeoPolo liceale Mattioli Vasto CHIETI ITALYAn out of school learning activity on biodiversity"These STEAM activity is an out of school learning activity and it is also a holistic, sociable and creative learning experience. Theoretical aspects of biodiversity are combined with practical ones to give students tools and methods to explore new and creative ways on how increase and protect of biodiversity around their town."
1st EASE SummitCyndi BurnettCreativity and EducationWeaving Creative Thinking into Every STEAM Lesson"What is creativity, and why is important in your STEAM lessons? This session will provide you with a set of creative thinking skills that you can apply into any lesson you teach!"
1st EASE SummitArda AslanDijital Çağ Atölyesi (Makerspace in TOBB University of Economics and Technology)What are Makerspaces, Hackerspaces, and Fab Labs?"Dijital Çağ Atölyesi is a non-linear learning centre where kids and young adults through play, explore the amazing world of Maker Movement through fun interactive activities for them to experiment with amazing creations and ideas that develops lifelong learning and interest in Maker Movement."
1st EASE SummitAlessandra AngelucciEmailINGEGNO.BESymmetry - Beauty - Truth"'Perhaps all the basic of all [...] is an ability to sense and classify patterns' and most of us consider symmetry beautiful.
But symmetries characterizes also important results in both classical and modern physics.
So, symmetries are intertwined with two of essential threads of human research: that of beauty that of truth."
1st EASE SummitRonen Even TzurKids Life Skills ASBLThe importance of problem-solving skills for kids' futures"It is common for students who are focused on getting good marks to seek the quickest method to reach the right answer. It may involve learning a formula or an answer rather than developing problem-solving skills.
Studies have shown that kids learn better when they are asked to explain how they solve problems.
Robotics, gaming, off screen challenges and other methods can be used in an educational context to teach kids that often there isn’t a single correct or definitive answer."
1st EASE SummitJo Trowsdale/ Richard DaviesUniversity of Central Lancashire / University of SuffolkDesigning authentic STEAM education"Authentic STEAM education must overcome the deficit models of science and arts implicit in many approaches. Two tools might help, a focus on real world activities where the arts and sciences are integral, and a drawing together of arts and science cultures in the classroom as a multicultural arts-science space."
1st EASE SummitFiorella OpertoScuola di RoboticaRobotics and Gender: The Use of Robotics for the Empowerment of Girls in the Classroom"The under-representation of girls and women in the fields of science and technology has long been emphasised. Unfortunately, it is only mentioned in relation to the number and top position of women in universities, research centres and companies.
Too late we realise this, when the choices have been made, and long since."
2nd EASE SummitVesna LampićEmail
"Trnsko" Kindergarten, ZagrebLearning Community through the "GLOBE Program Elementary K-4" Project"The GLOBE Program offers lots of opportunities for sustainable development and STEM learning, for students, teachers and the community. For Kindergartens and primary schools, Elementary GLOBE protocols and activities can be implemented in everyday teaching. For collaboration in the Elementary GLOBE community, the "GLOBE Program Elementary K-4" Project was created."
2nd EASE SummitGjorgjina DimovaPrimary school "Strasho Pindjur"Treasure hunt games in STEAM education"In this talk I will present different treasure hunting games I've created for my classroom.
1. Treasure hunt using QR codes, google maps and google sheets that is set outside the classroom
2. Qr code treasure hunt in the classroom
3. Physical escape room
4. Digital escape room created with genial.ly"
2nd EASE SummitMariana Mihaela LazărScoala Gimnaziala Nr. 6 Iacob Muresianu BrasovWater Cycle with BIT&EVO"The Meet and Code event entitled Water Cycle with Bit&Evo took place in October 2022 and aimed to familiarize students through technology and programming with the properties and states of aggregation of water, as well as explaining the phenomena underlying these transformations."
2nd EASE SummitClaudia AmayaEmail


Phet Simulations, University of Colorado BoulderPhet simulations, an ally for STEAM education"In Steam education, skills such as inquiry, peer work, and critical thinking are developed. Phet simulations promotes all this for free and with a high degree of educational and research quality. We want to introduce PhET to more teachers so that it can be a resource in the classroom"
2nd EASE SummitStefania AltieriIstituto Comprensivo Valle del Conca (Rimini)The use of digital technologies at school: a bridge to the future"Digital technologies are revolutionizing every aspect of our lives. Their importance and pervasiveness in today's society do not allow us to do without them and the field of education is no exception.
Digital skills have now become indispensable in the labor market and in society in general and it is necessary to adequately prepare students for the challenges of an increasingly connected world."
2nd EASE SummitDanilo KozodercEmail



Simetris - Blue WorkshopLearning by prototyping"Learning through prototyping can be highly effective in the field of STEM. Students create a prototype, test it, make improvements, and learn through the process. They are also very receptive to new knowledge as it helps them make their prototype better. Teachers, on the other hand, need to embrace pedagogical laziness as they need to step back while children are working on their prototypes."
2nd EASE SummitMariapia BorghesanEmailIC "Comuni della Sculdascia" Casale di Scodosia (PD)How to promote STEAM outside the school"STEAM education is a crucial topic for next generations. The European Commission suggests to improve STEAM education for an early age of students. We know children are curios and have a natural disposition to Science but later sometimes they lose this interest."
2nd EASE SummitClaudia HuberLusófona UniversityPlayful and holistic approach to teaching and learning"The aim of the playful and holistic approach to teaching and learning is to promote a more engaging, stimulating and meaningful learning environment for students. Playful elements, such as games, cooking and creative practices enhance the teaching process, promoting emotional and social well-being, developing personal and professional skills."
2nd EASE SummitAnna Rita BisogniEmail

Convitto Nazionale Gaetano Filangieir Primary SchoolTeach technology with Hello Ruby"What I would like to present at the next summit is not a pre-project but a LS that covered the entire school year and that saw the reading of the book Hello Ruby by Linda Lukas as a supplementary background.
With Ruby we discovered creativity and developed skills; We went in search of the 5 gems, and to do this we used strawbees, ozobots, tinkering, treasure hunts, decrypted ciphers, used computers to create augmented reality tickets and so much more. "
2nd EASE SummitShammy CoelloEmailCentro CampusProject Management for Project Based and STEAM Based Education"This talk explores the intersection of project management and project-based learning (PBL) within the context of STEAM-based education. Project management principles and practices play a vital role in effectively implementing project-based and STEAM-based learning initiatives.
It emphasizes the importance of integrating project management methodologies into these educational approaches to enhance their effectiveness."
2nd EASE SummitJosina FilipeInstituto Educação - University of LisbonWalking on the (In)visible borders of STEAM Education"To assess how STEAM education contributes to student’s creativity development and integration of associated areas, they were challenged to produce a soundtrack for a short video. This was achieved by building artefacts and using the phenomena of physics under study (mechanic energy) to produce sound effects, later recorded and assembled."
2nd EASE SummitIro KoliakouAnatolia CollegeSTEAMing the Future - Promoting inclusion and Empathy in the STEAM classroom"STEAMing the Future is a project supported by Bodosiakis Foundation that aims to promote inclusion and diversity in the STEAM field through the development of a multidimensional educational platform that combines online and in-person courses with the aim to inspire more young women to follow a STEAM career."
2nd EASE SummitChiara SchettiniPolo Formativo Steam I.C. Marotta (Naples, Italy)- Steam Teachers' Training Center Of The Italian Ministry Of EducationCreative ways of using QR code in STEAM lessons"In the talk some creative ways of using QR code in STEAM lessons will be shown, starting with an Unplugged Coding lesson for kids aged 3-5 years and continuing with a 3D QR Code model, created by pupils to illustrate the artistic and cultural heritage of their territory."
2nd EASE SummitSujit BhattacharyaEmail


Cambridge Electronics and Robotics ClubUnlock the power of IoT with Micro:bit !"Structured online workshop on Internet-of-Things delivered in an exciting and enjoyable manner to build a smart home or garden by connecting sensors, cloud, and actuators using micro:bit.

The workshop will cover the following topics:
1. Overview of IoT including IoT components and applications.
2. Micro:bit and associated sensors to collect data.
3. Transfer data to the computer to post to the cloud.
4. IoT data analytics and visualisation.
5. Data actions and notifications."
2nd EASE SummitKarolina BrlekovićElectrotehnical and traffic school Osijek,GAMMA - playing or learning?"Game-based learning (GBL), and especially digital game-based learning (DGBL) due to its interactive nature, have a promising approach to learning and teaching. DGBL can be effective in increasing students' motivation to acquire and develop skills that go beyond the content offered by the current mathematics education system. Part of digital games requires players to master skills (eg strategic and analytical thinking, problem solving, decision-making, creation, quick adaptation to changes) that are in demand in today's job market."
2nd EASE SummitMaja VidenovikPrimary school "Krste Misirkov" SkopjeUsing mobile augmented reality games in education"Use of mobile augmented reality games in education has the potential to create interactive and engaging learning environment and to increase students’ interest and motivation. The presentation will focus on pedagogical principles, describing the process of incorporating of mobile AR games in teaching, and obtained results from the research."
2nd EASE SummitAshley Morriswww.product-change.comSystems thinking"My proposition is to help students learn how to create simple designs of world beating products such as Concorde, the world’s first and most successful supersonic passenger airliner. Bridge the gap between work and education – Gatsby Benchmark 4. In the world of engineering there’s always a need to group items by common properties such as electrically powered items in a car – the electrical system. In the field of Mathematical Logic this relates to set theory including Venn Diagrams."
2nd EASE SummitRameeta Vasudev SharmaRBK Educational InstitutionsJourney from Scrap to Success“Imagine, you could visualise the intricate and abstract concepts of science and mathematics.” For example, a student who studies the topic “Reflection” in science class do not get any connection of the same topic he/she studies in the mathematics class. Are they totally different? Or are there some connections between the two? Effective implementation of STEAM education would serve several purposes including interdisciplinary education and technology integration in the K-12 segment.
2nd EASE SummitNefisa Žabić AslanDijital Çağ AtölyesiThe Game Jam For Kids: ArfBot Teaches Game Development To 2000 Kids Using dot big bang"The Second ArfBot Game Coding Competition, organized jointly by Dijital Çağ Atölyesi and a state institution, Ankara Development Agency, was successfully completed. Children aged 8-14 living in Ankara province (capital city of Turkiye) participated in the competition for free. This year’s event, which was held for the second time, is a competition based on raising awareness of safe internet use among students and supporting them to be productive individuals in the digital world."
2nd EASE SummitCândida ManuelUniversidade Lusófona - Centro Universitário do PortoActive learning and collaborative communities stimulate students involvement"In all-ages STEAM Education, critical and creative thinking and learning autonomy are some of the important skills that are crucial for future professionals.
It is intended to present the activities, difficulties, and results of Problem-Based Learning in collaborative environments implemented in engineering courses, in comparison with the traditional expositive methods."
2nd EASE SummitAikaterini Spitsa4th Kindergarten of Kalamaria ThessalonikisSTEAM, Open Technologies and Education for Sustainable Development"This action plan focused on Planetary Health. Emphasis was placed on the development of children’s creative thinking through the protection of the school yard’s trees and solving the problem of wasting A4 paper in the school area, their acquaintance with how paper is produced and how it is recycled, and in the search for solutions for rational use."
2nd EASE SummitPere VilanovaEcsite - European Network of Science Centres and MuseumsUnderstanding STEAM practices: key criteria"Talk/ workshop small abstract
Road-STEAMer (https://www.road-steamer.eu/) has been conducting research work on the criteria that are crucial in mapping and analysing STEAM practices in Europe. The key criteria identified are Equity, ollaboration, Disciplinary inter-relationships, Thinking-making-doing, Creativity, Real-world connection and Inclusion/Personalisation/Empowerment.
This is a presentation of our key findings."
2nd EASE SummitGaja ZornadaComputer History Museum LjubljanaCode me a story - how to offer digital skills to non-coders"Stories are one of the most powerful tools human kind has developed through the millennia of our culture. We are trained in understanding and building imaginary sequences of events from early childhood onwards. By simply using familiar landscapes, we can teach new complex digital skills with more ease."
2nd EASE SummitRebecca WhiteFuture Focus21c / SMARTLab SkelligsMuinín Catalyst Sustainable STEAM Developing a place-based STEAM learning programme for post-primary learners in Ireland"Muinín Catalyst’s Sustainable STEAM (MCSS) programme is a transdisciplinary pedagogical approach that utilises the Sustainable Development Goals and the Earth Charter as a thematic principle for place-based STEAM lesson plans and blended learning resources that augment the Irish Curriculum with 21st Century future-ready skills; creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, creative problem-solving, design thinking."
2nd EASE SummitAlessandra AngelucciEmailLiceo Scientifico "Plinio Seniore" - RomaCheckmath"In this talk I will address the importance of teaching Euclidean geometry in high school. I will focus on the fact that making correct and beautiful drawings is fundamental to learn geometry: both theory and practice. Finally, I will present an operational proposal to make students good at making drawings."
2nd EASE SummitAnita McKeownSMARTlab Skelligs _ Future Focus 21cThe STEAM Design Sprint as method for integrating 3rd level research within 2nd level / post-primary education"We present our adaptation of a standard industry practice ‘The Design Sprint’ as a method for integrating 3rd-level interdisciplinary research within 2nd-level / post-primary STEAM education. The presentation introduces the method, the process and demonstrates the two-way channel that benefits both researchers, learners and its legacy that any teacher can deliver"
2nd EASE SummitMarisa CorreiaInstituto Politécnico de SantarémDeveloping Innovative Learning Environments for STEAM Education"At the School of Education of the Polytechnic University of Santarem we have developed a project – Sci&Math Creative lab, inspired by the initiative Future Classroom Lab of the European Schoolnet. These project launched in 2016 aimed at reconfiguring wo traditional science classroom laboratories into flexible, comfortable, and technology-enriched environments in our effort to develop new learning approaches to motivate our students and to foster their academic success in STEAM areas and, ultimately, prepare them, as future teachers, to design learning scenarios for these new learning spaces."
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