EASE- EuropeAn network of STEAM Educators is a non-profit organization whose activity has the ultimate objective of helping and enhancing the work of all educators and teachers in terms of promoting STEAM skills with children, young people and adults in formal and non-formal education.

Introducing Our Certified STEAM Educators

Welcome to the world of cutting-edge education and innovation, where our Certified STEAM Educators have emerged as champions of transformative learning. These educators have successfully completed the rigorous EASE Me Training Programme, specializing in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Education. Their dedication, expertise, and passion make them the perfect guides to lead the way in shaping the future of education.

Each of our Certified E-trainers has not only mastered the intricacies of STEAM subjects but has also developed the unique ability to inspire and empower fellow educators. They are now equipped to design and deliver engaging online courses that harness the power of STEAM, transcending geographical boundaries to connect with educators from all corners of the world.

As a testimony to their expertise, each Certified STEAM Educator has earned the E-trainer certification, a badge of honor that signifies their dedication to excellence in education. They are now not only champions of their own fields but also advocates for the global advancement of STEAM Education.


EASE.me is to make it EASy for you. Share your knowledge!

Our certified E-trainers at STEAM Education

Abdelmoneim Fadeel

Adina Avacovici

Aikaterini Spitsa

Alice Severi

Annamaria Lisotti

António Pedro Fonseca

Daniela Brogna

David Vermeulen

Elena Corina Rogoveanu

Katarina Stekić

Lidia Aetsir

Maia Porombrica

Maria Barouta

Maria Beatrice Rapaccini

Marilena Nicolae

Mirko Labbri

Mohamed Abdelhalim

Naren Nagarajan

Rashmi Iyer

Rita Rocha

Saeed Abusaif

Sara Androon

Sujit Bhattacharya

Tímea Szűcs

Vesna Lampić

Zoi Tsiviltidou

Join our community of  STEAM Education E-trainers

As STEAM educators, we have a unique opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences with colleagues all over Europe and the world. By sharing what we know, we can inspire others to initiate new projects and bring innovation into their classrooms or community initiatives.

Have you ever wondered why makerspace agents aren’t teaching school teachers some STEAM education approaches? Or why aren’t school teachers sharing their innovative pedagogical methodologies? Let’s start sharing our knowledge and skills with one another!

The key to achieving this is “sharing.” You can become a trainer or a trainee on our platform. As a trainer, you will have the freedom to define the duration of your training action, its curriculum, assessment activities, and the price of each session.

If you’re interested in becoming a trainer, you’ll need to grab your certification first. Let’s work together to promote knowledge sharing and foster a community of STEAM educators!

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