The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a body that gives its opinion on the Executive Board’s action and in addition, brings together the national representatives of EASE (European Association of STEAM Educators). Each country in Europe can have a national representative who is at the same time the interlocutor with all organizations, educators and teachers in their country and with the Executive Board of EASE.
They play a very important role in this European organization and are key players in this project to promote STEAM skills in education and support each STEAM educator and teacher.

They are active STEAM Education promoters.

These are the national representatives of EASE! We are looking forward to starting working in network mode and promoting the concept of STEAM Education throughout Europe!

The national representative have the following attributes for the year 2021:

  • to represent your country’s STEAM educators / teachers on the EASE Advisory Board;
  • to represent EASE- European Association of STEAM Educators in your country;
  • to collaborate in the national execution of the Action Plan produced by the EASE’s Executive Board;
  • to develop initiatives and projects positive for the development of STEAM Education in local country and in Europe;
  • to raise a organizations and promoters of STEAM Education to take part on EASE in your country;
  • to be promoted and recognized (materially and immaterially) for activity at EASE.

Rinku Sharma

Rinku Sharma is Afghan by birth, but has been living in Germany since 1989. He has a corporate travel background and has been working for many multinational companies in senior level management roles. Being a very passionate tech-person he started his non-profit EDU-Tech initiative techeroes in 2018. At techeroes children are empowered to co-create technology rather than just consuming it. Kids are encouraged to utilize technology in order to develop smart solutions helping to meet the global sustainable goals. Despite being a young initiative, techeroes has won many awards and is a well established STEM organization in Germany.

 Panagiotis Kanychis

Panagiotis Kanychis has been born in Rhodes island of Greece. He is a teacher of primary education, a teacher trainer, coordinator of educational projects and he holds a Master of Science in the field of Environmental Education. He is temporarily secondment to the University of the Aegean, in the Department of Primary Education. As a Scientix Ambassador, he has worked in several European projects and tasks, for European Schoolnet and other organizations.

Mereuta Elena Camelia

Fatma Caner

 Dr. Fatma Caner holds a Ph.D. in physics education from Marmara University. She has academic studies on determining STEM teacher perspectives and STEM teacher competencies. She has been Scientix Ambassador for Turkey since 2016. She currently teaches courses on STEM teacher education at Marmara University.

 Preeti Gahlawat

Preeti Gahlawat is a Science and Technology educator in Stockholm, Sweden! She holds a degree in science and a Masters degree in Psychology. She is passionate educator with 19 years of teaching experience in different countries. She has been Scientix Ambassador since 2017 and has worked in many projects including STE(A)M projects conducted by European Schoolnet. She also is a teacher trainer, coordinator of several educational projects and educational mentor to a startup -LMS ( learn make share) an ultimate platform for STEAM education.

 Tim Kjær

Tim has a BA in teaching and holds a master’s degree in educational Anthropology from Aarhus University. He has more than 17 years of experience in education and teaching, especially in the STEAM subjects. Tim has been Scientix Ambassador since 2017 and has been involved in many international education projects since 2012. At the same time as working as a full-time teacher he also has a small consultancy agency where he mostly helps with international projects and EU funded projects. He is also teacher trainer for Teachersrise in Padua, Italy.

 Petr Polák

Helga Fernandes Alves

I am Helga Alves. I am Socioeconomics Secondary Teacher from Portugal, Biology graduation Student in FCUL, Geophysic Master or PHD Candidate next academic year 2021/2022, Scientix Ambassador 2016-2022, Europeanna DSI-4 Teacher Group, Europeanna Museum Educator Work Group, Polar Star Advisory Board,other projects in progress.

Esther García-Ligero Ramírez

My name is Esther García-Ligero Ramírez. I have two degrees, one in Math and the other one in Statistics. I have been teaching Math since 1991 in a secondary school. I have been working in different eTwinning projects since 2010 and in 2014 I was selected to be ambassador eTwinning. Since 2016, I have been a Scientix ambassador too and an expert evaluator of Erasmus+ projects since 2015.

Mirko Labbri

Mirko is an innovator inclined to mix logic into enjoyable creative experiences
From an earth science background to a passion for guiding students into STEAM
in formal and informal activities. He teaches in middle school not far from Venice.

Zuzana Christozova

 Zuzana Christozova has obtained Master’s Degree in Technical University in Sofia in the specialization of Automatization and Microelectronics. She has worked as a teacher of STEM subjects in Vocational Secondary School. In September 2016 she has started her career as School Inspector. Zuzana has worked as School Project Coordinator Erasmus+ KA1, KA2, Ambassador of the European Initiatives eTwinning and Scientix and participated in projects SPICE, NANOYOU, INGENIUS, WISHUB. She has experience as a lecturer in the professional development of STEM teachers, with the implementation of innovative methods in education and the creation of educational materials in the field of LMS.

 Jonathan Hanley

 Jonathan is the principal of Assumption Senior GNS in Walkinstown, Dublin 12. He holds degrees in English Literature and Psychology, and has recently completed a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Management from Trinity College Dublin. He has previous experience leading the implementation of curricular changes through the use of ICT across a number of schools and is currently focusing on the development of STEAM education through the use of nature based solutions. He believes in empowering those around him as a means through which the creation of sustainable improvements in the educational experiences of children can be achieved.

Simone Ferrecchia

Simone Ferrecchia is project manager and educator at Digijeunes. Simone has a rich experience working on several european collaborations involving NGOs, educational institutions and instructional environments from across Europe. As a youth worker he has specific experience working with NEETs, foreign unaccompanied minors and hard to reach youth. He has a passion for making and he is eager to inspire future generations of change-makers by introducing them to skills and mindsets that will massively impact their future.

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