Stockholm Makerspace

Dropped by EASE
June 05, 2022
EASE- European Association of STEAM Educators is a non-profit association whose activity has the ultimate objective of helping and enhancing the work of all educators and teachers in terms of promoting STEAM skills with children, young people and adults in formal and non-formal education. Join our network!

Stockholm Makerspace is driven by members. Everyone helps the association to function by getting involved in the board, holding workshops, or just making sure to keep the room for everyone. The exchange of knowledge between members is very frequent and it is often the case that the room is filled with interesting discussions about a member’s latest project.

Members who share their knowledge are one of the core of Stockholm Makerspace culture. It is no wonder then that workshops held by our members are immensely popular. What workshops do we hold then? We have had workshops in woodworking, CAD, 3D printing, knitting, welding, praline baking and much more.

Do you want to join a workshop? Keep an eye on our slack channel #events or our facebook group to see when new ones come out. Do you want to hold a workshop? Cool! Send an email to the board and we will help.

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