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STEAM Education E-Trainer Certification Programme (3rd edition)
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February 04, 2024
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The STEAM Education E-Trainer Certification Programme (3rd edition) offered by EASE provides a unique opportunity for educators to enhance their skills and become certified E-Trainers in the field of STEAM education. The training, conducted via synchronous modules on Google Meet, encompasses both synchronous and autonomous work, fostering a blend of interactive learning and independent study.

One of the distinguishing features of this program is its international reach, attracting participants from diverse cultural backgrounds. With trainees hailing from Italy, Portugal, Romania, Lebanon, Belgium, England, Moldova, and Serbia, the training cohort represents a rich tapestry of cultural perspectives and experiences. This convergence of varied nationalities not only amplifies the depth of discussions and exchanges but also lends a truly global dimension to the training environment.

Upon completion of the E-STEAM Education Trainer Certification Programme, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop online training actions on the EASE.me platform. The curriculum comprehensively covers the process of building training actions for STEAM educators at EASE.me, providing a deep understanding of the platform’s functionalities. This includes insight into the operation of the EASE.me Training Platform, encompassing course and lesson structuring, content organization, and evaluation tools. Trainees will gain expertise in designing synchronous and asynchronous online training modules within the platform, facilitating a flexible and accessible learning experience for educators on a global scale. Furthermore, the construction of educational resources for STEAM educators, including multimedia and interactive materials, is a crucial focus, ensuring trainees can create engaging and effective learning resources.

Completion of this comprehensive course serves as a gateway to developing one or more online training actions on the EASE.me platform, empowering participants to leverage their specific knowledge and expertise in STEAM Education to train other professionals and disseminate best practices. This certification opens up a myriad of opportunities for individuals and organizations to contribute to STEAM Education not only across Europe but on a global scale, solidifying their position as competent and impactful STEAM Education e-trainers.

Source: EASE
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