Fablab / Makerspace d’AV Lab
Dropped by EASE
July 17, 2022
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AV Lab is an association that manages and animates a Fablab – Makerspace in Strasbourg. AV Lab also produces
events related to digital and technological culture.
Les Ateliers Éclairés is a creative third place located in Strasbourg, in which computer-aided design and production as well as visual and technological arts mingle with artisanal practices.
The Fablab / Makerspace is a digital manufacturing workshop open to all our members and certified by the M.I.T. where you can use laser cutting machines, 3D printers, CNC milling machines… allowing you to work on various materials: plastic, wood, cardboard, vinyl, … to create any kind of object thanks to computer-aided design. This workshop offers everyone the opportunity to create objects by themselves, to share their skills and to learn from contact with trainers and other users. The Immersion Program proposes the emergence on a regional scale of space-time distribution of immersive content. Between container and content, the project experiments with ephemeral architectures allowing 360° fulldome projection. The Immersion Program offers fulldome workshops and immersive sessions throughout the year, promoting the emergence of a community of VJs and 360° content creators.

Source: https://www.av-lab.net/
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