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FAB LAB Ioannina
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December 03, 2023
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FAB LAB IOANNINA is a cutting-edge Digital Innovation Hub located in Ioannina, Greece, serving as a dynamic makerspace for education. This facility fosters the development of Digital Design and Fabrication Technologies in the realms of architecture, design, and applied arts. As an active node of the global Fab Labs network, it epitomizes the ethos that anyone, regardless of their background, can harness the power of digital manufacturing to manifest their ideas.

Situated in the enchanting city of Ioannina, FAB LAB IOANNINA is strategically positioned to inspire local entrepreneurship and instigate social change. Its role in upholding innovative design and fabrication methods reflects its commitment to the advancement of the local context of Greece while embracing the transformative landscape of the 4th Industrial Revolution on a global scale.

The facility serves as an epicenter for research activities and educational programs, delving into critical aspects of digital production, design, and communication. Moreover, it distinctly focuses on pioneering fields such as New Materialities, Internet of Things, Automated Construction, Smart Cities, Collective Innovation, and Open Source Design, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience that resonates with the forefront of modern ingenuity.

FAB LAB IOANNINA’s dedication is evident in the creation of an Open Lab that is accessible to a diverse array of participants, including creative individuals, entrepreneurs, researchers, students, and even children. This inclusive approach aims to nurture a community of learners and innovators interested in learning and exploring the myriad applications of digital fabrication technologies.

FAB LAB IOANNINA stands as a pioneering force, redefining the educational landscape by providing a state-of-the-art environment equipped with advanced machinery, including laser cutters, 3-dimensional printers, CNC milling machines, laser scanners, and micro-electronic components. Through its affiliation with the Fab Labs network and sponsorship from esteemed entities like Pantazi5 Architects, Topotheque Design Studio, and Lasercutter.gr, FAB LAB IOANNINA exemplifies the epitome of a makerspace for education, replete with boundless opportunities for creativity, skill development, and collaborative innovation.

Source: https://fab-lab.ioa.gr
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