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Empowering STEAM Education: EASE’s Impact at EDUTECH Europe 2023
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October 29, 2023
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In the heart of Amsterdam, the EDUTECH Europe 2023 Conference gathered over 2000 educators and entrepreneurs, providing an invaluable platform for the exchange of groundbreaking ideas and the cultivation of innovative collaborations, all aimed at propelling education forward through seamless technology integration. EASE, the European Association of STEAM Educators, was a prominent presence at this esteemed event, showcasing a multitude of projects designed to fortify educators in their mission to instill STEAM skills in learners of all age groups.

EASE’s presence at the conference resonated deeply with the organization’s commitment to enhancing education. Its members collectively unveiled a tapestry of insights and initiatives that demonstrated the transformative potential of STEAM education. The shared vision was to create innovative, engaging, and inclusive learning environments that inspire students to explore the realms of science, technology, and creativity.

Madhumalti Sharma, a devoted member of EASE’s executive board, exemplified this vision as she guided engaging discussions in two pivotal panels at the conference. Her sessions, attended by educators, entrepreneurs, and all those invested in education’s future, addressed critical facets of modern education.

In the first panel, Madhumalti delved into nurturing creativity in learners by seamlessly fusing pedagogy and technology. The panel emphasized the creation of a collaborative teaching environment that is dynamic and inspiring. Additionally, it explored how technology can be harnessed to support students with Special Educational Needs (SEN), making inclusive education a reality.

The second panel, moderated by Madhumalti, continued in the same spirit by exploring innovative tools, technologies, and support systems aimed at enhancing teacher wellbeing. The discussion focused on creating stronger support systems for educators, ensuring educational accessibility and inclusivity, and utilizing technology to streamline the workload, thus empowering teachers to focus on the core of their mission—educating the next generation.

The journey of enlightenment didn’t stop with Madhumalti. Mirko Labbri, another distinguished member of EASE’s executive board and an accomplished STEM teacher, took the stage to present “Monuments as Learning Tools for Going 3D and VR.” Mirko’s insightful presentation revealed how local heritage can serve as a bridge to immersive STEAM learning.He showcased how students can engage with their local monuments through digital technologies and 3D modeling, transforming what might seem mundane into captivating and meaningful learning experiences.

Lidia Ristea, yet another luminary from EASE’s executive board, contributed by presenting the power of active learning within the Future Classroom Lab (FCL) platform. Lidia’s session demonstrated how teachers can create engaging learning scenarios and practical lesson plans, fostering critical thinking, collaboration, cooperation, and problem-solving.

Ana Louro's presentation

Ana Louro, a passionate member of EASE’s executive board, ignited enthusiasm for mathematics by presenting innovative approaches. She introduced MathCityMap (MCM) and Asymptote, two transformative tools that bridge the gap between theoretical math and real-world applications, making math exercises engaging and relevant.

In addition to the above, EASE’s impact at EDUTECH 2023 included a session by Lennard Ameys, STEM Trainer, and Product Designer, and Vera Hendriks, STEM Trainer, and Product Designer, both representing De Creatieve STEM and EASE executive board member Maria-Cristina Ciocci. Their presentation, “Making Space for Informal Learning: MaakBib.be & FabZero.eu,” emphasized digital fabrication and prototyping as catalysts for active STEAM education, where users can learn as they create. Rooted deeply in the maker movement, their session spotlighted the best practices of the MaakBib STEM partnership and FabZero.eu, where technology acts as the driving force for active STEM learning with an informal, innovative, and interdisciplinary approach.

Teachers Andreas Kechagias and George Rouvas, representing EASE on behalf of executive board member Iro Koliakou, presented two transformative initiatives.

The first, “STEAMing the Future,” aspired to promote inclusivity and diversity in the STEAM field. This groundbreaking project involved the development of a multifaceted educational platform that seamlessly integrated both online and in-person courses. Its mission was to inspire more young women to pursue careers in STEAM, thus enriching and diversifying this vital sector.

The second project, “WeAreEurope SD,” set its sights on strengthening the bonds between children and the European Union. It focused on instilling the values of sustainable development and equipping teachers across Europe with the tools to integrate green education principles into the STEM curriculum. The platform and accompanying game were designed to encompass a wide range of green-STEM activities, facilitating education on sustainable development topics such as green cities, renewable energy, and monument restoration.

These initiatives collectively aimed to foster inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability in STEAM education, ultimately paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future

EASE’s members came together for a hands-on workshop, “Inventure with MakeON,” where participants delved into the democratization of STEAM learning. Here, technology became a creative art medium, making STEAM storytelling accessible, scalable, and universal. Light, movement, and sound combined to bring objects and concepts to life, providing a glimpse of the future of interactive and immersive education.

EASE’s participation at the EDUTECH Europe 2023 Conference symbolized the organization’s steadfast commitment to nurturing STEAM skills in students and educators alike. Through collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision, EASE and its representatives showcased the path to trailblazing STEAM ventures, forging a brighter future for education through technology and creativity.

Source: Iro Koliakou [EASE]
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