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May 29, 2022
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We are in the Digital Age and we live in a period of dizzying development. Undoubtedly, this development will not stop and will continue in ways and areas, some of which we can foresee today, and some of which we have not yet known or even imagined. However, it is an indisputable fact that this development will continue through technology, especially computer and internet technologies.

The understanding of the educational model that dominated the past century has become unsustainable in a world where today’s science – technology and constant interactions are experienced. We have to raise people with advanced 21st century skills, targeting not today’s world but tomorrow’s world and giving our children some innovations that are compatible with what the age and technology bring. Despite their small population, they carried out together with the national education systems; science and technology workshops, shows, fairs, etc.  Baltic countries such as Estonia and Lithuania, which have achieved great momentum with the organization activities of the events, are the best examples of this.

The Digital Age Workshop is headquartered in Estonia, the country called “ Internet Republic ” today; science and technology workshops, shows, fairs, etc. It is a social enterprise established for the organization activities of events. It is a new generation children’s workshop! The activities in this workshop are “everyone can/should produce something!” On the basis of the maker movement, which carries the philosophy;
It is designed for 1. Children
2. Schools
3. Institutions/Companies
4. Adults. Established in Estonia in 2009, the workshop now serves in many countries and finally in Turkey.

The workshop, which set out for the smiles of a generation that produces technology by having fun rather than consuming it, and touching the dreams of hundreds of children in the country and abroad, has started to make a name for itself with its projects in Turkey as well. In addition, the workshop is the first and only in Turkey in terms of the “technology shows” it organizes.

The Digital Age Workshop has opened its doors for more productive, creative, curious, entrepreneurial, technology literate children ready for the society of the future! We invite you to this transformation.

Source: https://dijitalcagatolyesi.com/
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