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February 25, 2024
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Today, we are giving a look at the world of PiNG, an association based in Nantes since 2004, focused on exploring the digital world collectively. PiNG is dedicated to questioning and exploring the digital world with an inclusive approach, catering to individuals of all ages.

PiNG’s dedication to STEAM education is evident in its diverse projects. The organization promotes a passion for digital creativity and innovation through workshops designed for various age groups. The “Digital Culture Fablab” is a collaborative space for digital arts and technology exploration. This project invites participants of all ages to experiment with digital fabrication, coding, electronic arts, and interactive installations, fostering innovation and creativity.

Another initiative, the “HYPERLIEN” project, serves as a space for digital cultural activities, welcoming individuals from diverse demographics. Hyperlien stands as a testament to PiNG’s commitment to fostering a creative environment where digital and education converge seamlessly.

In addition to these projects, PiNG organizes workshops, seminars, and collaborative events that embody the essence of STEAM education. By providing an immersive, hands-on experience, PiNG empowers participants to explore, learn, and create in a dynamic digital environment.

In essence, PiNG serves as a platform for individuals of all ages to delve into various facets of digital culture, nurturing a creative and innovative environment. By embracing the spirit of PiNG, individuals are empowered to seek answers and unravel the mysteries of the digital realm, one creative endeavor at a time.

Source: https://info.pingbase.net/
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