Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center inauguration
Dropped by EASE
June 08, 2022
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The inauguration of an innovative  science center in Thessaloniki took place on Friday (3/6) .

The Anna Papageorgiou Stem Center is located within Anatolia College and has been accessible to students for the past 18 months. The building is a model of technological innovation and environmental responsibility,  as thanks to its bioclimatic design it has zero emissions.

The Anna Papageorgiou Stem Center has already become a place where students see how the knowledge they learn by reading the pages of their books is put into practice through experiments, scientific observation and data collection. One of them to color space.

Among other things, the students have organized a biomedicine group, which creates a blog in which they will gather knowledge and material so that it is accessible to all students in the country.

The center offers laboratory courses in Chemistry, Physics and Biology , while it is also the focus of actions and programs for the wider student and educational community.

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