EASE- EuropeAn network of STEAM Educators is a non-profit organization whose activity has the ultimate objective of helping and enhancing the work of all educators and teachers in terms of promoting STEAM skills with children, young people and adults in formal and non-formal education.

PhET Interactive Simulations

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• Webinar on Zoom;
• 20/01/2024 [11:00 am CET];
• 2 hours of synchronous work;
• Adapt activities made for others educators for use in the classroom;
• Register on the phet site to use resources;
• Free event. Just register.

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In this webinar, you will learn how to access and share PhET simulations with your students, and explore the features that make PhET sims a powerful tool for STEAM teachers and will review strategies for how to use PhET in circumstances where you are presenting a simulation in front of the whole class using a projector, interactive whiteboard, or sharing your screen online.

20/01/2024 [11:00 am CET]
Free event. Just register.

Introduction to PhET
• Play with Sims
• Active Learning with Sims
• Integration Tips
• Sharing Sims
• Whole-Class Inquiry
• Concept Questions

Cláudia Amaya (University of Colorado Boulder)

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