The O`Town Garage
Dropped by EASE
July 24, 2022
EASE- EuropeAn network of STEAM Educators is a non-profit NETWORK. Join us!

The O’Town Garage is a makerspace located in Odense. Our goal is to create and continue a shared space for collaborative technical and artistic experimentation within Robotics, Woodwork, Design, Development and Sewing.

It is a movement, because it implies a centralised political or unifying ideology. With the main focus of embracing the diversity of backgrounds, genders and ages, the garage will become the umbrella under which you can find: hobbyist pursuits, science education and geeky/techy subculture experiments. ”Maker” is not only about tools and craft, it is also about creativity and knowledge. And what by now was known as a small subset of people who makes things, is about to become a real ‘Movement’ with the purpose of reminding that ”Making is Uniquely Human”.

Our goal is simple When it comes to tools, this is be the place to be. When it comes to creative people, we are the place to search through. When it comes to exciting workshops, we are the one hosting it.

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