STEAM Podcast from Creative Hartlands (Ireland)

Dropped by EASE
May 11, 2022
EASE- European Association of STEAM Educators is a non-profit association whose activity has the ultimate objective of helping and enhancing the work of all educators and teachers in terms of promoting STEAM skills with children, young people and adults in formal and non-formal education. Join our network!

Creative Heartlands is a collaborative project between the Arts Offices and Enterprise Offices of counties Sligo, Leitrim and Roscommon. The project is funded by Enterprise Ireland and led by the Leitrim Design House.
Each episode will we be interviewing Artists, Designers, Filmmakers, and Craftspeople about their work and how they use digital technology to enhance, improve and communicate their work.

On this episode Creative Heartlands talks to Leitrim based Designer Mark McGowan about his work utilising advanced manufacturing materials and how he taught himself CNC machining and 3D printing. He talks about his experiences in going back to college in IT Sligo as a mature student and how he started a design service company after graduating to produce parts and products for a range of industries.

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