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Qweebi Virtual Makerspace
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June 02, 2024
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Qweebi is a groundbreaking virtual makerspace designed to democratize hands-on STEAM education. By leveraging a platform reminiscent of Minecraft, The company enables students to engage in tactile learning experiences through a virtual environment. The platform is accessible online, effectively removing barriers related to cost and space that traditionally hinder the implementation of STEM-based educational activities.

Qweebi Virtual Makerspace

Grade Level:

High School (Grades 3-8)

STEAM Areas:
  1. Technology
  2. Engineering
  3. Science
EASE of Use:

Beginner to Intermediate STEAM Competencies

Material Description:

Qweebi provides a robust virtual space where supplies and tools mimic their real-world counterparts. For example, items ranging from cardboard boxes to hobby motors and batteries can be manipulated to create various mechanical and electronic projects. Each material within the virtual environment has properties such as weight and electrical output, providing a realistic experience for students.

One of the highlights of the makerspace platform is its project-based learning modules, such as the “Mars Rover” project, offered free of charge. This project immerses students in a simulated NASA mission, where they apply engineering design processes to develop a Mars rover capable of traversing simulated Martian terrain. The project encompasses eight sessions, gradually guiding students through smaller challenges that build their understanding of vital STEAM concepts like Newton’s laws, mechanical advantage, and electrical circuitry.

Qweebi is designed to save crucial class time devoted to setting up, cleaning, or purchasing materials. Students work within a virtual environment that authenticates familiar real-world tools, such as glue guns and soldering irons, and physics-based interactions, including gravity and friction. The platform supports multiple iterations of designs, allowing students to prototype, test, and refine their projects efficiently.

Additionally, the platform supports both in-classroom and at-home learning, enabling students to work on their projects from various locations. The platform also includes a teacher’s dashboard where educators can monitor student progress, assign projects, and evaluate submitted reflection videos. With the ability to record and share these reflection videos, students cultivate essential 21st-century skills: collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving.

Qweebi’s pricing model is highly accessible, offering its Mars Rover module for free, with subsequent projects available for $999 annually, irrespective of the number of students. This flat-rate pricing, along with ongoing professional development and full curriculum kits, makes Cuibi an exceptional tool for enhancing STEAM education.


Supplier References:
  1. Qweebi Website: (https://www.qweebi.com/)
  2. Contact Email for Queries: [email protected]
Source: https://www.qweebi.com/
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