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X-Change is a service for exchanging Lesson Plans between STEAM educators. It is a way of sharing knowledge and exchanging teaching resources, in which we transmit to other colleagues lesson plans that we have written or that we have already used. We recycle our knowledge of STEAM Education.

What is a Lesson Plan?
It is a tutorial that demonstrates how a specific STEAM educational activity is carried out or a document that contains information necessary to carry out a practical task in the context of a STEAM Education activity!

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Cloud in a Jar


In this activity, students will create a cloud inside of a glass jar. The benefit to this activity is that
students are able to see the cloud forming and moving in the jar due to the hairspray. This activity could
be used as an introduction to how clouds are formed and different weather systems.

Keywords: model, system, atmosphere, demonstration, interactions, interact, formation

Background Information:
What is a cloud made of? A cloud is simply a visible condensation of water that is suspended in the air.
Clouds form as warm air rises in the atmosphere and then cools down. The sun heats water, which causes
it to evaporate into the air. Warmer air rises and cooler air sinks. As the warmer air containing water vapor
rises, it is cooled. As the water vapor cools, it condenses into water droplets onto particles, such as dust,
in the air. As more and more air cools, more droplets are formed and create a visible cloud. When a large
number of water droplets stick together, gravity pulls them back to earth, creating rain.

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