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The Marketplace we present here is not for profit.
It is created to provide easy access for European STEAM educators and teachers who are active EASE members to equipment and materials at discounted prices.
The aim is to support STEAM Education activities in Europe, in and out of school, at the most affordable prices. This is our challenge.
The educational stimulation of children, youth and adults in STEAM skills is essential.
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CircuitMess ByteBoi DIY kit

DIY game console that teaches you about electronics, coding, game graphics, game engines, character animation and more. ByteBoi can also be used to remotely control Wheelson as these two sets can be interfaced.

With ByteBoi you can teach:
– How to code apps & games
– How a game console works
– How to interface ByteBoi with Wheelson

Public Sale Price:
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*VAT not included

VAT percentage according to the country (this value will be added to the cart):

Austria – 20%, Belgium – 21%, Bulgaria – 20%, Croatia – 25%, Republic of Cyprus – 19%, Czech Republic – 21%, Denmark – 25%, Estonia – 20%, Finland – 24%, France – 20%, Germany – 19%, Greece – , Hungary – 27%, Ireland – 23%, Italy – 22%, Latvia – 21%, Lithuania – 21%, Luxembourg – 17%, Malta – 18%, Netherlands – 21%, Poland – 23%, Portugal – 23%, Romania – 19%, Slovakia – 20%, Slovenia – 22%, Spain – 21%, Sweden – 25%


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Additional information

Age restriction: 11+

Average build time: 3 - 4 hours


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