Completing this course enables the participant to develop in the future, one or more online training actions, through the platform.
It is a fundamental training to know not only the processes and methodologies to be implemented in the development of actions on the Training Platform, but also the pedagogical principles that guide the training provided by EASE.
All professionals and organizations that have some specific knowledge and expertise in STEAM Education can train other colleagues, sharing their knowledge and disseminating good practices.
A certification that opens up a range of possibilities as a STEAM Education e-trainer throughout Europe and the World.

Training Dates:

  1. February 9th (20.30h-21.30h CET);
  2. February 16th (20.30h-21.30h CET);
  3. February 23th (20.30h-21.30h CET);
  4. March 2nd (20.30h-21.30h CET);
  5. March 9th (20.30h-21.30h CET);
  6. March 16th (20.30h-21.30h CET);
  7. March 23th (20.30h-21.30h CET);
  8. March 30th (20.30h-21.30h CET).