Medienkulturzentrum Dresden

Dropped by EASE
November 06, 2022
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The Media Culture Center Dresden is an institution that has established itself regionally and nationally since 1993 with numerous media education, media art and cultural offers. The aim of the association is to promote the use of media as a means of experience, expression and design for communication, education and culture for all age groups.

The association, registered as a non-profit organization, is a recognized provider of youth welfare and, as a socio-cultural center, is a member of the regional socio-cultural association. The association is a member of the GMK (Society for Media Education and Communication Culture) and has signed the media education manifesto ” No education without media “.

The association currently oversees the following projects:
  • Media Education & Society
  • German multimedia prize mb21
  • Saxon kindergarten education server
  • Cross Media Tour
  • Pop2Go
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