Makerspace Liechtenstein
Dropped by EASE
September 04, 2022
EASE- EuropeAn network of STEAM Educators is a non-profit NETWORK. Join us!

The first makerspace in Liechtenstein. In our workshop, which is open to the public, we offer high-quality machines, the latest software, lots of know-how, an innovative environment and a competent member crew.

You can benefit from our knowledge quickly and inexpensively, attend interesting courses and start your project right away.

Our target groups are ambitious hobbyists, makers, students, professionals, startups and the self-employed.

The Makerspace Liechtenstein should become the center and meeting place for makers, inventors and hobbyists. It should be an inspiring environment for individuals such as children, young people and adults as well as start-up companies. The Makerspace offers the opportunity for innovation, creativity, further education and the exchange of ideas.

Our goal is to learn together, collaborate, share and also give opportunities to discover new skills and implement ideas. We want to strengthen the maker community in Liechtenstein

In the Makerspace, sustainability is a central theme – such as with our “Precious Plastic Program”, in which recycled plastic is transformed into new raw material. The Makerspace offers every opportunity to transform the old into the new. This gives everyone access to knowledge, new skills and competencies. For all those who don’t have a workshop or the right machines at home – you’ll definitely find the right tool with us!

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