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October 16, 2022
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Lofoio is a Social Promotion Association that has managed a Makerspace in Florence since 2014 in the heart of the Oltrarno in Florence.
We are an independent, unaffiliated, bottom-up funded association. We share Lofoio spaces and tools for any 2.0 * craft project you want to realize.
* Artisan 2.0 because we deeply believe in the combination of old school craftsmanship and new generation technology, among the tools present in the shop ranging from the lathe to the 3D printer.

We also have a great network of tutors and specialized teachers who collaborate with us by making their skills available in specific courses and workshops for each activity.
We have an average of 250 active members per year, including makers, teachers and students.
The workstations are adaptable to the needs of every “geek” who becomes part of the group, thanks to the mobile tables in Lofoio1 and the peninsula workstations in Lofoio2.

Source: https://lofo.io
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