LAB’AUX Le Tiers-Lieu de l’Auxois

Dropped by EASE
August 14, 2022
EASE- European Association of STEAM Educators is a non-profit association whose activity has the ultimate objective of helping and enhancing the work of all educators and teachers in terms of promoting STEAM skills with children, young people and adults in formal and non-formal education. Join our network!

Lab’Aux is an experimentation laboratory, a participatory workshop for tinkering, learning and exchange, a collaborative workplace.

Do you need to design an electronic board? a small machine tool?
We have enough to prototype quickly using Arduino, Raspberry or ESP32 microcontroller boards.
We can also accompany you for the realization of your first circuits and the manufacturing of your boards.

Do you need to 3D print a part from a file found on the internet or that you have modeled?
We have a 3D printer available.
Free for members excluding consumables and by time and weight for others.

An idea germinated in Auxois: Create an alternative toy library that gives a second life to unused or incomplete board games… (dice cards, board games).
And also the desire to develop a Lud’Aux Mobile…
This alternative toy library is a section of “Lab’Aux, le Tiers-Lieux de l’Auxois”, based in Semur-en-Auxois (21).
A dedicated place at 43, rue de Vigne to come and play on site or borrow board games.

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