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How I Became a Passionate STEAM Educator
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June 03, 2023
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My name is Anna Müller and I am a STEAM educator from Germany. I work at Gesamtschule Bremen-Nord, a comprehensive school in the city of Bremen. I teach science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics to students from 10 to 16 years old. I love my job because I enjoy inspiring and empowering young minds to explore the world of STEAM and discover their passions and talents.

When I grew up, I decide to pursue a career as a teacher. I graduate in pedagogy and specialize in STEAM education. I believe that this educational approach is the most suitable for the 21st century, as it stimulates creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and innovation in students.

I start working at a public school that has a STEAM lab equipped with various resources, such as Arduino kits, 3D printers, robots, drones, cameras, paints and recyclable materials. I am responsible for planning and conducting STEAM activities for elementary and high school students.

I love my job. I feel happy to see the students engaging with the STEAM projects and developing their skills and competencies. I always try to propose interesting and meaningful challenges for the students, that involve current and relevant topics for society.

One of the projects that I like the most is to create an environmental monitoring system using Arduino and sensors. The goal is to measure the quality of air, water and soil in the school region and create an online database with the information collected. The students learn about concepts of electronics, programming, statistics and sustainability. They also create graphs, maps and infographics to present the results of the research.

Another project that I find very fun is to create an educational game using Scratch and Makey Makey. The goal is to teach about the solar system and the planets in a playful and interactive way. The students learn about concepts of astronomy, physics and art. They also create scenarios, characters, sounds and controls for the game.

I feel proud of my students and my work as a STEAM educator. I see how much they grow and develop with the STEAM activities. They become more curious, confident, creative and collaborative. They also become interested in other areas of knowledge and seek new learning opportunities.

I also feel motivated to continue learning and updating myself on the news of the STEAM world. I participate in courses, workshops, events and networks of STEAM educators. I exchange experiences, ideas and materials with other teachers. I also seek inspiration from diverse sources, such as books, movies, games and art.

Being a STEAM educator is more than a profession for me. It is a passion, a mission, a way of life.

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