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September 25, 2022
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FORTIS AURIS is an international non-profit activity whose goal is to bring the issue of cyber security and programming to the general public. After almost three decades of experience in the field of security, incident resolution and system penetration, we have come to one important thing:

The first and main reason for the success of hacker attacks is the fact that the average user has no idea about the possibilities of hackers and their techniques. Therefore, there is still a good chance that hackers and trolls committing evil will go unpunished. A few basic knowledge, measures and settings are enough to increase computer security.

In 2013, we started with expensive security training for company management. The content of these trainings ended up in notebooks at the bottom of desk drawers. We understood that this was not the right way.

Our goal is to strengthen the hacker community on the side of good and raise a new generation of ethical hackers. Their role will be to guide the public in understanding key technologies, safety concepts and a critical approach to new technologies.

We think that IT education should be accessible to the general public and therefore we support the OPEN SOURCE and OPEN EDUCATION movements. We believe that education is the path to tolerance and prosperity. Therefore, most of our research and publications will be available to the public for FREE.

Source: https://fortisauris.com/
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