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January 23, 2021
EASE- EuropeAn network of STEAM Educators is a non-profit NETWORK. Join us!

We all know that the time is difficult for all of our countries and that we have a priority problem that is to combat the pandemic COVID-19. But this moment can also be an occasion to move forward with our STEAM movement.

At this moment, we are moving towards setting up our executive and advisory groups. In other words, we want to have a coordinator responsible for each one of the areas in which we will act and which were identified by you in our questionnaire.

The role of each person in charge will be to independently conduct an action plan on that area (at the beginning very short and with few activities), with a European impact and helping to mitigate the needs identified by European educators and STEAM organizations.

The goal is also to meet (via Zoom or another digital platform) once a month and articulate our work. The intervention areas will be:

Therefore, we will have 7 people in the executive board. It would be interesting for each person to come from a different country, due to the diversity that this could bring. Initially the practice will be on a voluntary basis, but in the future and according to what may or may not be the capacity for work, execution and financing, there may be some financial support that corresponds to the work performed. But at the beginning we will have to be a little generous. We received many expressions of interest, but now we ask for confirmation:

  • If you want to take part in the Executive Board (7 people from different countries, 1 meeting per month, online, aim: to be responsible for one of the goals of the EASE program), send an email with the title: “I want to be part of the Executive Board” to [email protected]. Please indicate which area you would like to lead:
  1. Training / Certification of Educators
  2. Contents STEAM / Good practices exchange
  3. Resources / Lesson Plans / Learning Scenarios
  4. European projects / Funding and grants
  5. STEAM pedagogy promotion
  6. Support for STEAM educators
  7. Negotiation of scale discounts for STEAM material
  • If you wish to take part in the Advisory Council (1 person per country, 2 meetings per year, online, aim: to give your opinion on the activity of EASE, to be its ambassador and to promote the activity of the association in your country), send mail with title: “I want to be part of the Advisory Board” to [email protected].

We are already working on an online platform that will have several tools to execute our work plan:
We are sure that this will be a successful project. We are starting it now and we need you to help us with content.

You can register as an author and submit content to We invite you to submit a post about your project, your work, your students. We want to know you better!

We are building it and we need your contribution, your knowledge, your STEAM experience. And your ideas: we are a very open movement at this stage.

Come on, colleagues!

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