Fab Lab Cagliari
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August 21, 2022
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“FABERAUS” is an association born in 2015, from the meeting of three architects: Francesca Mereu, Isabella Quartu, Marcello Frau, an engineer: computer scientist Luca Pinna and a designer: Antonella Piras. The name derives from the union of Faber (from the Latin: the maker) and the ending Haus (from the German: Casa) and takes up a bit the concept of the Bauhaus, as a creative and experimental place in different areas: textiles, ceramics, painting , decoration, design, jewelry..etc ..

The Fablab Cagliari

The main mission of the Fab Lab project is to establish a base for the production and dissemination of the MAKER culture in the Metropolitan City of Cagliari, which is a referent for Sardinian makers and a link with other national and international MAKER centers.

To implement its social purpose Faberaus has chosen the universally known model of the FABLABs (according to the model of the Fab Foundation, for further information please visit the website http://www.fabfoundation.org and search for the word Fab Lab on the internet).

The space identified in Assemini, at the Ex Pilot Center, takes the name of FABLAB CAGLIARI. It follows the international formula of using open source material, easily available, and low-cost machines, for the reproduction of computer-modeled objects. But not only. Fab Lab Cagliari is a place for sharing science, technology and art. Within it groups are founded, ideas are created in common, one’s possible dreams are realized. The technological element, to which particular attention is to be paid, is the Arduino opensource platform, as mentioned an Italian product and pride. The Arduino is an electronic board used in robotics, therefore it is used for the intelligent control of any other mechatronic device, through an ad hoc program. The hardware part is based on the use of common low-cost materials.

Another focal point of the Fab Lab is the practice of DIY, that is the construction of objects by reusing hobby materials. All this is a challenge, where the creative and artistic vein is highlighted. The machines thus created will be the interpreters of the aspirations of the users. They will be the heart of the activities, but also the initial engine of others that refer to the main aspects of the project. An important part of the project is also “sharing”: the sharing of ideas and techniques. This is why it is essential to organize a “planning” of activities related to manufacturing, for example: animation of new ideas; presentations of challenges and projects; courses for adults, but also for children and adolescents, in which you can learn Fab Lab techniques and develop and share above all new ideas.

Source: https://www.fablabcagliari.it
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