EASE Summit- 1st European Summit of STEAM Educators
Dropped by EASE
June 03, 2022
EASE- EuropeAn network of STEAM Educators is a non-profit NETWORK. Join us!

We are working on a virtual summit dedicated to educators and STEAM Education. Our vision is to connect Educators across the EU so that they can learn from each other for the benefit of their students and our societies.

The STEAM Education framework has grown and gained increasing visibility over the last few years in all world. Also in Europe.
The concept has evolved in the educational field, with a multiplicity of activities, projects and programs that, in concerted way or not, combined with the very attractive technological development for society, have translated into an increase in the educational approach to STEAM areas and which now provoke the need to reflect on what we are doing in this area.

  • Does STEAM Education have an economic development effect on society?
  • It’s interesting for each makerspace to work in a disjointed way, but with all the creative freedom?
  • Are our educators prepared to learn how to deal with new technical and artistic skills, far beyond their pedagogical practice?
  • In the future, will all educators have the need to adopt STEAM approaches?

So many questions arise when we look at what we are doing in this area, inside and outside school.
But still other questions must be asked, to understand what we are talking about when we approach STEAM Education:

  • What is a STEAM Education activity?
  • What criteria must an educational project meet for us to perceive it as STEAM Education approach?

We are looking for answers. Which can only arise from the debate between the different agents of this educational activity, whether they are producers of technology or materials, teachers, teacher trainers, researchers or STEAM educators in the community.
In a network that must cross perspectives, we organize the 1st European Summit of STEAM Educators, which we present as “the first event that brings together educators, teachers, researchers, projects, organizations, universities and producers of STEAM Education materials, in a set of communications that will allow us to understand the state of the art of this educational dimension in Europe.”

Europe and European STEAM educators will meet online, in a Think Tank that will produce official conclusions and future references for everyday activity. We will get answers to specific questions, expose our doubts and speak with colleagues and experts who will share their knowledge and expertise with us.

Don’t miss this event.

Apply as a speaker or register as a participant.

We welcome submissions from any member of our community who can demonstrate thought leadership in STEAM Education. If you would like to be a Speaker, please complete the Call For Speakers form and read the guideline to create your video subsmission.

Source: https://ease-educators.com/i-european-summit-for-steam-educators/
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