STEAM strategies for primary and secondary education

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  • Synchronous training module (Google Meet);
  • Training dates: Tuesdays (20.30h-21.30h CET) from March 07th to Mai 09th;
  • 10 hours of synchronous work and 10 hours of autonomous work;
  • Share your knowledge about STEAM Education: build learning scenarios;
  • Share your knowledge about STEAM Education: practice peer assessement;
  • Learn from experts (Webinars);
  • Live events (meet your peers);
  • Access to innovative teaching materials.
This course will help develop a capacity building programme for primary and secondary school STEAM teachers, based on this framework, with a particular focus on the contextualization of STEAM teaching.
STEM education is recognised as a priority in Europe, but students’ interest in pursuing STEM-related studies and careers has not been increasing. In order to reverse this situation, the educational comunity is working in a combination of all of the four disciplines of science, technology, engineering, mathematics as well as non-science classes (the (A) as in “all”) into one learning scenario that is based on connections between the subjects and real-world problems.
  • Competences for 21st Century schools (2 hours)
  • Interdisciplinary STEAM teaching (2 hours)
  • Inovative practices to engage students with STEAM (2 hours)
  • STEAM resources to adress real-life problems (2 hours)
  • STEAM resilience for displaced students (2 hours)
  • Gender stereotypes in STEM education (2 hours)
  • Assessment tools for STEAM activities (2 hours)
  • STEM career pathways (2 hours)