Digijeunes is an association working in the digital mediation sector and that of youth.
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January 23, 2021
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The diversity and complementarity of our members, as well as their skills, offers us a vast field of action in order to approach a heterogeneous public. The promotion of digital technology to young people, as well as their supervisors, is our core business. It is for young people to gain access to a greater understanding of technology, as well as to a major asset for solving the challenges of tomorrow, whether they are economic, technical or even ecological. Our activity, beyond training, aims to recreate links between the peoples of Europe, by giving them memories and common knowledge. To do this, we go to schools, social centers, leisure centers, and public events, in order to be always closer to social realities.

Digijeunes organizes workshops open to the general public, as well as training in boot-camp format, to allow young people to fully learn about new technologies, the world of third places, and also to discover foreign cultures. In partnership with municipalities, social centers, MJCs, we organize workshops aimed in particular at the most disadvantaged young people, with the aim of introducing them to practices such as electronic textiles, visual programming, the creation of applications. for smartphone. Digijeunes adheres to the spirit of free, in particular by being part of several European projects aiming to create and publish educational tools in open access. This, with the aim of promoting digital mediation among educators and teachers around the world.For more information, including about our workshops, please contact us by email: [email protected]

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