ConneCt [sponsors and nonprofits]

ConneCt program is an EASE project to bring companies and suppliers closer to the promoters of educational activities related to STEAM Education, as long as these actions are not for profit. There are organizations that have great ideas for STEAM Education projects and this potential cannot be wasted, for the benefit of children, young people and adults and their STEAM skills, so fundamental for the present and for the future. So, we need to ConneCt!

For this, we are permanently receiving applications for projects that are ongoing or in the project phase.
We ask organizations and teachers/educators which action they want to apply for, assess their relevance and put them in a showcase that we want to show to companies so that they can choose which ideas they want to support. However, our projects must be European based.

These sponsors know that they are making possible a project with a relevant social and educational impact, they are fulfilling their corporate social responsibility and giving back to the community part of their profits. This is solidarity!

Want to launch your idea? Participation in this program is free and only in case of funding, it is mandatory for your organization to be a member of EASE.
Participation in the program is anonymous and sponsors will make a choice depending on the project and not the organization. Your organization just need to be able to deliver a donation receipt.

We want to help you making your STEAM ideas work!

Your contribution will be verified, classified and will soon be available on our website at

Thank you!

Apply your project/ idea to ConneCt

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Any project, to be validated as a STEAM Education project, must cover at least two (2) of these STEAM areas

What kind of outputs your project will be generating?

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