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Brief Analysis on Interventional Preferences among EASE Members and Non-Members
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May 18, 2024
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As part of the enrollment process in the EASE network, a brief analysis was conducted to identify which areas of intervention are most valued by both members and non-members. The aim of this initiative is to guide and focus EASE’s activities according to the preferences of its respondents. The survey universe consists of 116 people, including 77 members and 39 non-members.
Area of Intervention Members Non-Members Total Percentage
Forums/Meetings 62 33 95 81.90%
European Projects 60 36 96 82.76%
Lesson Plans 55 36 91 78.45%
Networking 60 28 88 75.86%
Training Courses 66 37 103 88.79%

The table above clearly shows that EASE members place the highest value on “Training Courses” (66), followed by “Forums/Meetings” (62) and “Networking” (60). Among non-members, the highest preference is also for “Training Courses” (37), followed by “European Projects” and “Lesson Plans” (both with 36).

This chart demonstrates that for both members and non-members, “Training Courses” is the most preferred area. Additionally, members have more balanced preferences across different areas, while non-members show a more varied and less concentrated set of preferences. This information is crucial for defining the strategic direction of EASE, ensuring that its activities meet the needs and preferences of both members and non-members in an efficient and targeted manner.

Source: EASE
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